Glasgow Science Festival Science Sunday

Glasgow Science Festival Science Sunday

The BADGER project was presented at the Glasgow Science Festival Science Sunday on the 10th of June. This yearly event allowed the UoG to engage with the local community and discuss the BADGER project with the general public. The reasons behind the BADGER project were presented.

How the consortium are approaching the project was discussed and the project was given some great advice from the school children that attended, many of whom identified problems that could be encountered with the project and offered up their own solutions.

The feedback on the day was positive and the UoG BADGER team came up with a number of activates that helped people understand what the BADGER project is doing and how the project is being approached. These activities included:

  • Building a robotic hand – this demonstrated the idea of biologically inspired robotics
  • Control a mobile robot – How difficult is it to control a robot when you can see it?
  • The BADGER maze – a simple introduction to the idea of path planning

The idea of BADGER was received well by all that stopped at the event and it was great to see the enthusiasm for this type of work; something that has a noticeable impact on peoples lives.

However, the BADGER Badges were by far the most popular aspect of the day…