PRAConBE "Pattern Recognition and Automation in Construction & the Built Environment" Workshop in conjunction with ICPR 2020

Sunday, January 10, 2021 (All day)
Milan, Italy

The workshop covers a topic that is rapidly gaining attention in the recent years, with a continually increasing number of research papers, research groups, projects and applications in various subfields of applying pattern recognition-related methods to automating different facets of the construction and renovation process. The architecture, engineering and construction industry, an economic sector of significant importance (annual revenues of approx. US$10 trillion, or about 6% of global GDP), is expected to be radically transformed by digitalizing ever more aspects of the construction model, thereby boosting productivity, managing complexity and enhancing worksite safety and quality. Pattern recognition is central to this process of transformation, with computer vision, signal & image processing, machine learning applications increasingly finding uses of great impact to the field. At the same time, as novel problems arise corresponding to new applications in automating construction, the need for novel models and methods of pattern recognition is becoming ever-more urgent, in a process that is revitalizing and beneficial for both pattern recognition as a research field, as well as the construction industry.