Robotnik Automation SLL

Robotnik started its activity in 2002 and is currently a leading company in the European service robotics market. Robotnik is specialized in:

  • Robotics product manufacturing and reselling (mobile robot platforms, mobile manipulators, arms, hands and humanoids)
  • Robotics R&D end Engineering projects
  • Service Robotics Applications: i.e. development of robots for performing autonomous tasks for the well-being of humans or machines, excluding manufacturing.
  • UGV Engineering: specific unmanned ground vehicle engineering.

Role in Project

The main tasks of Robotnik within the project will be dealing with the design and development of specific components of the robotic system such as the joint module and the installation of the printer head on to a robot follower or onto the last module of the articulated robot. Also Robotnik will carry out part of the exploitation plan and exploitation activities of the autonomous compact mobile robotic tunnelling robotic system.

Relative Expertise

Robotnik has a large experience on development of special purpose autonomous robotic platforms, including the recent manufacture of 4 autonomous robotic wagons that are currently providing maintenance services for the service tunnel with the electrical interconnection between France and Spain.

Relevant Projects

  • CHAPLIN (FP7) (Coordinator): “High Power Transmission Line Cable Inspection”
  • CARLoS(FP7): “Cooperative Robot for Large Spaces Manufacturing”
  • ROBO-SPECT (FP7): (ONGOING): “Robotic system with intelligent vision and control for tunnel structural inspection and evaluation”
  • BOTS2REC (H2020) (ONGOING): “Robots to Reconstruction”